For more than 25 years now BRAINWAY, as an independent Austrian Company, has been synonymous for a visionary, innovative, customer-oriented provider in the Air Cargo Industry.

Our corporate objective has been to develop and offer individual, high quality customer oriented solutions.

With our very experienced, highly skilled and motivated employees we meet the stringent demands of our customers.

Our focus for Airliners:

Highest service quality in this industry

Consistency in our service quality to meet your requirements

Recognition of our customers' needs

Innovative and focussed sales activities

meeting the highest standards in our software

The most experienced, best trained and highly motivated staff

All satisfied customers!









Our focus for Forwarders:

Complex and wide range of solutions

Multiple choices in transport solutions

Fast and flexible in taking the right decisions

Immediate and professional quotation

Competitive rate structure

Consistency in our service quality to meet our customers' requirements focussing on long-term reliability

Lucrative and time-saving transport solutions

Availibility for our customers 24/7